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3:30pm (** moved to 2:30pm for Spring Quarter) Wednesdays, Smith Lab 4079

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Autumn Quarter 2001

19 SEP Cancelled
26 SEP Azusa Yamaguchi (Columbia) Finite baryon number simulations in the static limit
04 OCT * Sepehr Saremi (LSU) Measurement of bottom quark production in two-photon collisions
10 OCT * Jonathan Link (FNAL) D0-D0 mixing in FOCUS
17 OCT Daniel Kabat (Columbia) Probing 0-brane black holes
24 OCT Leonardo Rastelli (Princeton) Vacuum string field theory
31 OCT Liubo Borissov (FNAL) Neutrinos as the messengers of CPT violation
02 NOV * Subrata Dal (IMSc, Madras, India) Interaction between two fuzzy spheres
07 NOV Steve Brice (FNAL) First physics results from SNO
09 NOV * Stefan Westerhoff (Columbia) HiRes: Mapping the high energy universe
14 NOV Nissan Itzhaki (UCSB) 't Hooft loop revisited
16 NOV * Anupam Mazumdar (ICTP Trieste) Baryogenesis in theories with large extra dimensions
28 NOV Alex Buchel (ITP Santa Barbara) On the thermodynamic instability of LST
05 DEC Donald Marolf (Syracuse) Farewell to floating boxes

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Winter Quarter 2002

16 JAN Matthias Neubert (Cornell)
23 JAN Yue-Liang Wu (Beijing) Status and progress on CP violation
30 JAN Patrick Fox (Washington) Large extra dimensions from a small extra dimension
06 FEB Richard Kass (OSU) Experimental review of charm physics
13 FEB Ian Low (Harvard) Spontaneously broken spacetime symmetries and the Goldstone's theorem
20 FEB Steve Pinsky (OSU) Simulation of dimensionally reduced SYM-Chern-Simons theory
27 FEB Cancelled
06 MAR Nicole Bell (FNAL) Relic neutrino asymmetries and big bang nucleosynthesis
13 MAR Hyung Do Kim (KIAS, Korea) Gauge coupling renormalization in orbifold field theories
20 MAR Satyanarayan Nandi (Oklahoma State)

Spring Quarter 2002

Seminars this quarter will be scheduled for 14:30 on Wednesdays except were noted.

03 APR Horatiu Nastase (IAS Princeton) Strings on pp waves from N=4 Super Yang-Mills
10 APR Hal Evans (Columbia) Breaking the grip of the Standard Model
17 APR Ed Blucher (Chicago) The KTeV measurement of ε′ ⁄ ε
24 APR Mikhail Vasiliev (Lebedev Inst, Russia) Higher spin theories and Sp(2M) invariant dynamics
01 MAY Anna Hasenfratz (Colorado) Improving chiral symmetry and topology with smeared link fermion actions
08 MAY Peter Ouyang (Princeton) A gravity dual of the chiral anomaly
13 MAY * David Berenstein (IAS Princeton) Interacting strings on the pp-wave and their SYM duals
15 MAY Van M. Savage (LANL, Santa Fe Inst) Numerical simulations of PT-symmetric quantum field theories
22 MAY * Tomas Blazek (Southampton, England) MSSM with large tan β: New developments
29 MAY John Collins (Penn State) Transverse spin and hard scattering
04 JUN * Elena Gubankova (MIT)
05 JUN Joseph Formaggio (U. Washington) Solar neutrinos and SNO: Windows into a solution

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