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HEP/Astro Seminar -- Wednesday, 30 January 2002

Large extra dimensions from a small extra dimension

Patrick J. Fox (Washington)


Models with extra dimensions have changed our understanding of the hierarchy problem. In general, these models explain the weakness of gravity by diluting gravity in a large bulk volume, or by localizing the graviton away from the Standard Model. In this talk, we show that the warped geometries necessary for the latter scenario can naturally induce the large volumes necessary for the former. We present a model in which a large volume is stabilized without supersymmetry. We comment on the phenomenology of this scenario and generalizations to additional dimensions.

15:30, Smith Lab 4079


Z. Chacko, P. J. Fox, A. E. Nelson and N. Weiner, ``Large extra dimensions from a small extra dimension,'' hep-ph/0106343.

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