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Autumn Quarter 2002

27 SEP
04 OCT
11 OCT Hyung Do Kim (OSU) ''Unification in AdS5 via Deconstruction''
18 OCT No Seminar Meeting of the Ohio Section of the APS and AAPT
25 OCT HEP/Astro Seminar
01 NOV
08 NOV HEP/Astro Seminar
15 NOV
22 NOV Stuart Raby (OSU) ''Dark Matter in Minimal SO(10) SUSY Standard Model''
29 NOV Thanksgiving holiday
06 DEC Matthew Wingate (OSU)    ''Towards more precise lattice simulation of B physics''
13 DEC Autumn Commencement

Winter Quarter 2003

10 JAN
17 JAN Eric Braaten (OSU) ''Efimov Physics in the Presence of Deep 2-Body Bound States''
24 JAN Leslie Schradin (OSU)   ''CP violation parameter sin(2 beta) from Bd meson decays.''
31 JAN
07 FEB Stuart Raby (OSU) ''A Natural Framework for Bi-large Neutrino Mixing''
14 FEB
21 FEB
28 FEB Eric Braaten (OSU) ''An Infrared Renormalization Group Limit Cycle in QCD''
07 MAR Stuart Raby (OSU) ''SO(10) Grand Unified Theories in 5 Dimensions''
14 MAR HEP/Astro Seminar
21 MAR Winter Commencement

Spring Quarter 2003

04 APR
11 APR Samir Mathur (OSU) ''Tachyon Dynamics in String Theory''
18 APR
25 APR * 12:00pm Sumit Das (Kentucky)   ''Large-N Collective Fields and Holography''
02 MAY
09 MAY HEP/Astro Seminar
16 MAY
23 MAY
30 MAY Jason Ho (OSU) ''Quantum Gases in Unitary Limit - How AMO brings Condensed Matter, Nuclear, and High Energy physicists together''
06 JUN
13 JUN John Hiller (Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth) ''Nonperturbative solution of supersymmetric theories with fundamental matter''

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