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Autumn Quarter 2002

25 SEP No Seminar Dept. of Energy visit
02 OCT Keh-Fei Liu (Kentucky) ''Chiral Behaviors with the Overlap Fermion''
09 OCT Teela Pulliam (UC Santa Cruz) ''Study of b -> s gamma at BaBar Using a Sum of Exclusive Modes''
16 OCT
23 OCT Claude Bernard (Washington Univ.)   ''Chiral Extrapolations and Staggered Fermions''
25 OCT * Philip Clark (Bristol) ''The BaBar measurement of sin(2 beta), including new CP channels''
30 OCT James Miller (Boston Univ.) ''A New Precision Measurement of the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment''
06 NOV
08 NOV * James Wells (Michigan) ''Transplanckian scattering at high-energy colliders''
13 NOV Amir Rahimi (UIUC) ''Amplitude analysis of non-leptonic charm decays''
20 NOV Thomas Allmendinger (SLAC) ''Neutral B meson oscillations in inclusive samples with the Delphi detector at LEP''
27 NOV Thanksgiving
04 DEC Kim-yeong M. Lee (KIAS) ''M-theory on PP-waves''
11 DEC Final Exams

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Winter Quarter 2003

08 JAN
15 JAN Brett van de Sande (Geneva College)   ''Meson calculations on the transverse lattice''
22 JAN Tim Tait (Fermilab) ''Branes and Orbifolds are Opaque''
29 JAN Jay Wacker (UC Berkeley) ''Little Higgs and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking''
05 FEB Yasunori Nomura (Fermilab) ''Grand Unification in Higher Dimensions''
12 FEB Dragan Huterer (Case Western) ''Understanding the Properties of Dark Energy in the Universe''
19 FEB Graham Kribs (Wisconsin)   ''A Little Higgs for a Little Hierarchy?''
26 FEB Kazuhiro Tobe (Michigan) ''Revisiting Top-Bottom-Tau Yukawa Unification in Supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories''
05 MAR Alexey Petrov (Wayne State) ''CP-violation and mixing in charm''
12 MAR * 12:00pm Csaba Csaki (Cornell) ''Standard model Higgs from higher dimensional gauge fields''
14 MAR * 12:30pm Nathan Salwen (NC State) ''BCS Assessment in the Attractive Hubbard Model''
19 MAR Final Exams

Spring Quarter 2003

02 APR Leonard Kisslinger (Carnegie Mellon)    ''Early Universe QCD Chiral Phase Transition and Cosmic Microwave Background Correlations''
09 APR Ashok Das (Rochester) ''Thermal field theories on the light front''
16 APR Alberto Iglesias (SUNY Stony Brook) ''Covariant Superstrings on AdS5 × S5 ''
23 APR George Gollin (UIUC) ''The Wild, Wild West Confronts Big Science: NLC and TESLA at American Universities''
30 APR Govindan Rajesh (Chicago) ''Comments on Cosmological Singularities in String Theory''
07 MAY Asad Naqvi (Penn) ''Phases of N=1 Supersymmetric Gauge theories with Flavors''
09 MAY * 12:30pm Shiraz Minwalla (Harvard) ''Phase Transitions in Weakly Coupled Yang Mills''
14 MAY Itzhak Bars (USC) ''Moyal Star Formulation of String Field Theory''
21 MAY David B. Kaplan (Univ. of Washington) ''Lattice Supersymmetry''
28 MAY Sergei Kuzenko (Western Australia U.)      ''Quantum Conformal Symmetry and Low Energy Dynamics in 4D N = 2,4 SCFTs''
04 JUN
10 JUN * 2pm Ben Kilminster ''Search for non-standard weak interactions in top decays at CDF''
11 JUN Final Exams
18 JUN Kevin Lannon (Illinois) ''Measuring B Hadron Correlations at CDF''

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