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Summer Quarter 2000

02 AUG Asesh K. Datta (Mehta Inst.) R-parity violating supersymmetry in light of SuperKamiokande results

Autumn Quarter 2000

06 OCT * David Kutasov (Chicago) Tachyon condensation and two dimensional black holes
18 OCT Gordon Chalmers (Argonne) Quantization of N=2 strings and selfdual field theories
25 OCT John Donoghue (U. Mass.) Dimension eight effects in the weak operator product expansion
27 OCT * Mark Van Raamsdonk (Princeton) D-particles with multipole moments of higher dimensional branes
01 NOV Carl Bender (Washington-St. Louis) Inverse of the PCT theorem
08 NOV Claus Bloechinger (Wuerzburg) Determination of the gaugino mass parameter M1 in different linear collider modes
10 NOV * Micha Berkooz (Princeton) Light like (2,0) non-commutativity and DLCQ rigid open membranes
15 NOV Vijay Balasubramanian (Penn) Supersymmetric conical defects -- Towards a string theoretic description of black hole formation
17 NOV * Steve Gubser (Princeton) Spatial non-uniformity and branes
27 NOV * Jaydeep Majumder (Mehta Inst, India) Marginal deformation and creation of codimension ≥ 2 solitons on brane-antibrane pair
29 NOV Saumen Datta (Indiana) Decay constants of heavy-light mesons from lattice QCD
30 NOV * David B. Kieda (Utah) High resolution charge measurements in next generation ground-based cosmic ray observatories
01 DEC * Matt Strassler (Penn) New comments on confining large N gauge theories
04 DEC * Joseph Buchbinder (Tomsk; Penn) Low-energy effective action in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory
06 DEC Tapobrata Sarkar (TIFR, India) Worldsheet approaches to D-branes: Boundary CFT's and gauged linear sigma models
08 DEC * Washington Taylor (MIT) Getting to the bottom of the open string tachyon
15 DEC * Thomas Manke (Columbia) Quarkonia - from nonrelativistic to relativistic lattice QCD

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Winter Quarter 2001

10 JAN Yee J. Ng (UNC) Clocks, computers, black holes, spacetime foam, holographic principle, and threshold anomalies
17 JAN Christine Davies (Glasgow) Quarkonium and B physics from the lattice
24 JAN Colin Morningstar (CMU) Heavy quark hybrid mesons: can they exist?
31 JAN Howard Trottier (Simon Frasier, Canada) String breaking by dynamical fermions in lattice QCD
07 FEB Robert Myers (McGill, Canada) Fuzzy funnels: nonabelian brane intersections
09 FEB * Jungil Lee (DESY) Polarization of heavy quarkonium at the Tevatron
14 FEB Chulwoo Jung (Maryland) Hadronic structure of the photon in lattice QCD
16 FEB * Ulrich Heinz (OSU) Early thermalization at RHIC !?
21 FEB Gerald Dunne (U. Conn.) Nontopological finite temperature induced fermion number
28 FEB Stephen Sharpe (Washington) Chiral perturbation theory for lattice QCD
02 MAR * Weonjong Lee (LANL) Recent progress in ε'/ε calculation using staggered fermions
07 MAR Jens Erler (Penn) The probability density of the mass of the Standard Model Higgs boson
14 MAR Uwe Trittmann (OSU) Two-point stress-tensor correlator in N=1 SYM(2+1)
21 MAR Spring Break

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Spring Quarter 2001

28 MAR Andrzej Czarnecki (Alberta) Muon g-2: A probe of short-distance physics
02 APR * Igor Klebanov (Princeton) Chiral symmetry breaking and restoration: A gravitational perspective
11 APR Emil Martinec (Chicago) D-branes as solitons: an algebraic approach
18 APR Alan Kostelecky (Indiana) Lorenz and CPT violation and the Standard Model
02 MAY Steve Schrenk (Cincinnati) CP and rare-B physics at Belle
09 MAY Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich (RBRC) Perturbative QCD at large densities and possible implications for compact stars
16 MAY Geoff Bodwin (Argonne) Resummation of large QCD corrections to quarkonium decay rates
18 MAY * Michael Gutperle Fluxbranes in string theory and M-theory
23 MAY Jing Wang (FNAL) Gauge invariant effective Lagrangian for Kaluza-Klein modes
25 MAY * Ben Craps (Chicago) Loops in boundary string field theory
30 MAY Richard Lebed (Arizona State) Precision quark-hadron duality in 1+1 dimensions
06 JUN Morgan Wascko (LSU) Searching for antiprotons in VHE cosmic rays using the Milagrito water Cherenkov detector

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