Step by Step Instructions for Configuring

the Switch for EMU Use

The instructions on the following pages assume the following:

  1. Your switch has firmware revision or later.

  2. The initial configuration of your switch has been completed.

  3. You have connected to the switch through the Web Configuration Utility.

To setup the switch for use as a private network for the peripheral crates:

Either start here and follow the "Next" and "Previous" links (start),


Use the links below to go directly to the instructions that you're interested in.

  1. Disable DHCP (Managment -> Access -> DHCP/Boot Config)
  2. Set IP address and Subnet mask (Managment -> Access -> IP Config)
  3. Disable SNTP (Managment -> SNTP -> Global Configuration)
  4. Disable Spanning Tree (Switch -> Spanning Tree -> Switch Config/Status)
  5. Disable Flow Control (Traffic Management -> Traffic Control -> Broadcast Storm and Flow Control)
  6. Configure Ports (Switch -> Port -> Config)
  7. Checking current MAC assignments per Port (Switch -> MAC Addresses -> MAC Address Table)
  8. Enable Port Security Admin mode (Switch -> Port Security -> Port Security Administration Mode)
  9. Add a static MAC address to a port (Switch -> Port Security -> Port Security Interface Config)
  10. Delete a static MAC address (Switch -> Port Security -> Port Security Static)
  11. Save the configuration (Management -> Utilities -> Save Config)
  12. Restart the system (Management -> Utilities -> System Restart)