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Autumn Quarter 1998

16 SEP A. Faraggi (Minnesota) Quantum mechanics from an equivalence principle
23 SEP W. Vincent Liu (UT Austin) Broken U(1) symmetry and excitations in Bose liquids
30 SEP Yun Wang (Princeton) Cosmology in the next millennium:
Combining MAP and SDSS data to constrain inflationary models
07 OCT Limin Wang (Columbia) Tracking behavior in quintessence cosmology
14 OCT Samir Mathur (MIT) Black holes, string theory and the information paradox
21 OCT Martin Schmaltz (Stanford) Seiberg's field theory duality from M theory
28 OCT Albion Lawrence (Havard) Holographic descriptions of local physics
02 NOV * Raman Sundrum (Boston) Out of this world supersymmetry breaking
04 NOV Clifford Johnson (Kentucky) Large N phases, holography and quantum gravity
10 NOV * Matt Strassler (IAS Princeton) Watching field theories flow:
Beta functions, physics and geometry
13 NOV * Philip Argyres (Cornell) Black holes on and off the brane-world
18 NOV Keith Dienes (CERN) Grand unification at intermediate mass scales through extra dimensions
24 NOV * Michael Bershadsky (Harvard) String expansion as large N expansion
02 DEC Dave Ambrose (BNL) Rare kaon decays: Brookhaven E871
09 DEC Dan Akerib (UC Berkeley) Looking for WIMPs in the galactic halo:
the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS)

Winter Quarter 1999

06 JAN Rob Lopez (Chicago) Decaying, massive neutrinos and the Cosmic Microwave Background
13 JAN Philip Mannheim (Connecticut) Implications of cosmic repulsion for gravitational theory
20 JAN Csaba Csaki (UC Berkeley) Confinement in N=1 supersymmetric gauge theories
25 JAN * Dan Kabat (IAS Princeton) Horizons and causality from gauge theory
27 JAN Zurab Kakushadze (Harvard) TeV-scale brane world
01 FEB * Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial College) D-branes and large N gauge theories
03 FEB Katrin Becker (Cal. Tech.) Quantum moduli space for type II hypermultiplets
04 FEB * Melanie Becker (Cal. Tech.) Matrix Theory: Towards a quantum theory of gravity in 11-D
08 FEB * Todd Pedlar (Northwestern) Study of two photon decays of charmonium states produced via proton-antiproton annihilation
10 FEB Oren Bergman (Cal. Tech.) String junctions: review and applications
17 MAR Stuart Raby (OSU) Neutrino oscillations in a predictive SUSY GUT

Spring Quarter 1999

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