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Winter Quarter 2000

14 Jan Cancelled
21 Jan George Fleming (OSU) Domain wall fermions and chiral symmetry at strong coupling
28 Jan Sergey Frolov (Univ. of Alabama) Scalar Quartic Couplings in Type IIB Supergravity on AdS_5\times S^5
4 Feb Jim Hughes (Columbus) The Star-particle Theory
11 Feb TBA TBA
18 Feb TBA TBA
25 Feb TBA TBA
11 Mar TBA TBA
25 Mar TBA TBA

Spring Quarter 2000

31 Mar open
07 Apr Cancelled
14 Apr K. Intriligator (UCSD,IAS) Aspects of 6d N=(2,0) Effective Field Theory
21 Apr open
28 Apr Sumit R. Das (Tata Inst.) Gravity duals of noncommutative gauge theories
05 May Jocelyn Monroe (FNAL) Ionization Cooling for a Neutrino Factory
12 May Yu Jia (OSU) Power-suppressed thermal effects from heavy particles
19 May open
26 May Bonnie T. Fleming (Columbia) Recent structure functions results from neutrino scattering at Fermilab
02 Jun open

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