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Autumn Quarter 1997

24 SEP Jens Andersen (OSU) Effective field theory at finite temperature
08 OCT Kevin Burkett (Michigan) Measurement of the lifetime of the B meson at CDF
15 OCT Camillo Imbimbo (INFN, Genova) The holomorphic anomaly in topological strings
22 OCT Alexander Undrus (Budker Inst, Russia) High energy physics at BINP, Novosibirsk
29 OCT Uwe-Jens Wiese (MIT) Quantum spins and quantum links: From antiferromagnets to QCD
05 NOV Oren Bergman (Harvard) String bit models
12 NOV Pierre Ramond (Florida) Theory of Yukawa coupling hierarchies
19 NOV Lubos Motl (Rutgers) Finite N matrix models and M Theory
03 DEC Richard Hughes (OSU) Recent top quark results from CDF

Winter Quarter 1998

07 JAN Tom Weiler (Vanderbilt) Annihilation of cosmic ray neutrinos on the relic neutrino background
as a possible solution to the highest energy cosmic ray puzzle
14 JAN Yu-Qi Chen (OSU) Solution to the ρ-π puzzle of J/ψ and ψ' decays?
22 JAN * Christopher White (FNAL) Search for direct CP violation in Λ and Ξ hyperon decay
28 JAN Martin Schmaltz (Boston) Flavor from strongly coupled supersymmetry
04 FEB Francis Halzen (Wisconsin) Cosmic particle accelerators
11 FEB Dietrich Boedeker (Heidelberg) Hard thermal loops, soft dynamics and the hot sphaleron rate
18 FEB Geoffrey West (LANL) Scaling, fractals, self-similarity and the renormalisation group
25 FEB Sinead Ryan (FNAL) The B-meson decay constant:
how lattice QCD and experiment determine Vts and Vtd
04 MAR Peter Arnold (Virginia Tech) The rate of baryon number violation in hot electroweak theory
11 MAR Peter Cho (Harvard) Misleading anomaly matchings

Spring Quarter 1998

01 APR Jim Steele (OSU) Regularization methods for nucleon-nucleon effective field theory
08 APR Igor Shovkovy (Cincinnati) One-loop low energy effective action in QED (worldline method)
16 APR * Ben Grinstein (UC San Diego) Model independent extraction of |Vcb| using dispersion relations
20 APR * Daniel Zer-Zion (CERN) Search for neutral Higgs bosons in e+ e- collisions at √s = 183 GeV
22 APR Phillipe de Forcrand (ETH Zurich) Topological properties of QCD from lattice studies
29 APR Francesco Antonuccio (OSU) What can low dimensional field theory teach us
about high dimensional physics?
06 MAY Washington Taylor (Princeton) Linearized supergravity from Matrix Theory
13 MAY Amanda Peet (UC Santa Barbara) String theory and large N
20 MAY Herbert Neuberger (Rutgers) Chirality on the Lattice
27 MAY Peter Boyle (Glasgow) Charmonium spectrum and the charm quark mass from lattice QCD
03 JUN Sheldon Stone (Syracuse) The BTeV experiment
10 JUN * Shoji Hashimoto (FNAL) Lattice calculation of B → D l ν form factor
and the determination of Vcb

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