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Autumn Quarter 1999

Winter Quarter 2000

12 JAN Scott Dodelson (Fermilab) Cosmic Microwave Background: Past, Future, and Present
19 JAN Yuri Shirman (Princeton U) Soft mass parameters in anomaly mediated supersymmetry breaking.
26 JAN Cancelled due to snow storm in Philly
2 FEB Xuelei Chen (OSU) Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy in scalar-tensor Cosmology
9 FEB Fabio Maltoni (U of Illinois) Factorization properties of QCD amplitudes in the high-energy and collinear limit
16 FEB Fiorenzo Bastianelli (Bologna U & INFN, Bologna) AdS/CFT correspondence: 2- and 3-point functions of chiral operators in maximally supersymmetric CFTs
23 FEB Y. Kuramashi (Tsukuba U) Nucleon Decay Matrix Elements from Lattice QCD
1 MAR Gabor Papp (Kent State) The Axial Symmetry Restoration In a Chiral Random Matrix Model
8 MAR Finn Larsen (Chicago) Rotating Kaluza-Klein black holes
15 MAR Scott Willenbrock (Illinois) Single Top Quark Production via the Weak Interaction
22 MAR Spring break no seminar

Spring Quarter 2000

29 MAR Brian Foster (ZEUS) Recent results from ZEUS and outlook for the HERA upgrade
03 APR * Sunil Mukhi (Tata Inst.) Brane-antibrane constructions
05 APR Wu-Ki Tung (Michigan State) Heavy quark production in perturbative QCD
12 APR Konstantin Zarembo (Vancouver) Wilson loops in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory
19 APR Weonjong Lee (LANL) Progress report on the improvement programme in lattice QCD
26 APR Joseph Kapusta (Minnesota) The last eight minutes of a primordial black hole
03 MAY Mark Trodden (Case Western) Weakening gravity with compact hyperboloids
10 MAY Charles Thorn (Florida) Spontaneous symmetry breaking without P+ zero modes
17 MAY Matthew Earl (Boston) Recent results of nucleon decay searches using Super-Kamiokande
24 MAY Matthew Wingate (RBRC) Lattice phenomenology using domain wall quarks
31 MAY Lyman Page (Princeton) Measuring the anisotropy in the CMB: Current status and future prospects
02 JUN * Gilad Lifschytz (Princeton) Schwinger-Dyson = Wheeler-Dewitt
07 JUN Andreas Albrecht (UC Davis) How to explain cosmic acceleration today using only Planck scale physics

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