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Installing CMSSW Releases
Installing CRAB Releases
Raid Array Management

For additional information about working on a T3, visit the UMD T3 Admin Guide

Installing CMSSW Releases

  1. Log in to cms-in0.mps.ohio-state.edu as user cmssoft

  2. $ apt-get update

  3. $ apt-cache search CMSSW
               This lists the available CMSSW releases. Of course, it can be filtered
               with grep for specific version numbers/releases

  4. $ apt-get install cms+cmssw-patch+CMSSW_3_11_1_patch3
               Choose the version number you are interested in.

  5. Log in as root to cms-0.mps.ohio-state.edu

  6. emacs /sharesoft/osg/app/etc/grid3-locations.txt

    Edit the OSG software releases file by adding the appropriate lines to the end of the file:

    VO-cms-CMSSW_3_11_1_patch3 CMSSW_3_11_1_patch3 /sharesoft/cmssw

To see which releases of CMSSW have already been installed on the Tier 3:

 $ scram list CMSSW

If apt-cache hangs...
  1. rm $VO_CMS_SW_DIR/$SCRAM_ARCH/var/lib/rpm/__db.*

  2. $ apt-get update

  3. Proceed to step 1 above.
Installing CRAB Releases

You can find the latest versions of CRAB here:


To install (replacing the version number accordingly):

  1. cd /scratch/crab

  2. wget --no-check-certificate "http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/cms/ccs/wm/scripts/Crab/CRAB_2_6_1.tgz"

  3. tar -xzvf CRAB_2_6_1.tgz

  4. ln -s CRAB_2_6_1 current

  5. cd CRAB_2_6_1

  6. ./configure
Raid Array Management

See OSUTier3Raid.pdf

The backup directory is /backup, NFS-mounted (and local to the grid-0-0 computer). Backups are scheduled nightly at 2am EST.

The files to rebuild the cluster are in /export/rocks/install/site-profiles/5.3. Major changes include manual disk partitioning. The auto-partition never worked (and our disks are different on each of the compute nodes anyway).

The PhEDEx code is in /localsoft/phedex on the grid node.

CRAB, CMSSW, etc are all in cms-in0:/scratch

The host certificates are in /etc/grid-security

Of course, /etc contains tons of useful config settings on all machines.

/var/spool/cron is worthwhile on each machine as well...

OSUT3 Administrator: ahart at cern dot ch
Web Administrator: mlr at mps dot ohio-state dot edu
The Ohio State University