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Autumn Quarter 2009

Sep 18 Stuart Raby (OSU) SO(10) SUSY Models (Friday 3:30 pm PRB M2015)
Oct 2
Oct 9
Oct 16 Sergei Dubovsky (Stanford) Observing the String Axiverse (Friday 2:30pm PRB 4138)
Oct 23 Frank Tackmann (MIT) Factorization at the LHC: From PDFs to Initial State Jets (Friday 3:30pm PRB 1136)
Oct 30
Nov 6 Jacob Bourjaily (Princeton) Local Phenomenology in M-Theory and F-Theory(Friday 2:30pm PRB 4138)
Nov 13 Lara Anderson (Univ. of Pennsylvania) Stability Walls in Heterotic Theories (Friday 2:30pm PRB 4138)
Nov 20 Joseph Marsano (Univ. of Chicago) F-theory and GUTs (Friday 2:30pm PRB 4138)
Nov 23 Shlomo Razamat (SUNY, Stony Brook) Aspects of symmetric product orbifolds (Monday 2:30pm PRB M2015)
Dec 4 Simon Catterall (Syracuse) Supersymmetry and technicolor on the lattice (Friday 2:30pm PRB 4138)

Spring Quarter 2009

Apr 3
Apr 10 George Fleming (Yale) New Strong Dynamics for the LHC (Friday 3 pm PRB 4138)
Apr 13 Alexander Westphal (Stanford) Monodromy in the CMB: Chaotic Inflation & Gravity Waves in String Theory (Monday 3pm PRB 4138)
Apr 17 Pierre Artoisenet (Universite catholique de Louvain) Automatic event reweighting with matrix elements (Friday 3 pm PRB M2015)
May 1
May 6 Surjeet Rajendran (Stanford) Gravitational Wave Detection with Atom Interferometry (Wedneesday 11am PRB 4138)
May 11 Alexey Drozdetskiy (U of Florida) A Run for the Standard Model Higgs (Monday 4:30pm PRB 4138)
May 22 Konstantin Bobkov (Stanford) Kahler-independent compactifications in M-theory and their phenomenology (Friday 3pm PRB 4138)
May 29 Nathaniel Craig (Stanford) Phenomenology of Strongly-coupled Hidden Sectors (Friday 3pm PRB 4138)
Jun 5

Winter Quarter 2009

Jan 9
Jan 16
Jan 20 Michael Strang (SUNY-Buffalo) Observation of ZZ Production at D0 (Tuesday 3pm PRB 4138)
Jan 21 Jim Hirschauer (Colorado) CP violation in hadronic penguins at BaBar (Wednesday 11am PRB 4138)
Jan 30 Ruth Van de Water (BNL) The B->pi l nu semileptonic form factor and |Vub| from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD (Friday 3pm PRB 4138)
Feb 6 Gabriella Sciolla (MIT) DM-TPC: a novel apparatus for directional Dark Matter detection (Friday 3pm PRB 4138)
Feb 13
Feb 20
Feb 27
Mar 6
Mar 13