Ohio State Department of Physics

HEP/Astro Journal Club - Friday, 30 May 2003

Quantum Gases in Unitary Limit - How AMO brings Condensed Matter, Nuclear, and High Energy physicists together

Prof. Jason Ho (OSU)


At present, there is intense world wide effort in studying degenerate quantum gases near Feshbach resonance, where interactions between atoms become very strong. This problem has attracted attention from physicists from different areas (AMO, Condensed Matter, Nuclear, and High energy) because it brings out fundamental issues that are also of importance to these fields. In this talk, I shall first discuss four recent experiments on degenerate Fermi gas near Feshbach resonance, and give a brief overview of the current theoretic situation. I shall then present two Ohio contributions. The first explains the phenomenon in the four recent experiments. The second gives a very simple yet powerful scheme for determining the properties of the Fermi gas under current experimental situations.

12:30, Smith Lab 4079

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