Reaching JWW office

I am in my office most of day, feel free to stop by.
I am not available after 4:45pm or class time.

If you wnat a definite appt phone (614-29)2-5193.
It only rings in my office, I will take an appt time..
If you don't reach me that way, send an email (
Please sign email with full name.

To reach my office,
stand outside our classroom on McGruder
face NNW.across 19th St at entrance of PRB
(Physics Research Building)

Enter PRB via left door and keep always to your left.
After first left turn on ground floor, enter door;
Climb 3 flights;
take door on landing marked 2nd Lab
In hall, go left (no turns) until see and enter 2196.
Knock on door to your right with vigor.
If I am there I will say "enter!" do.
Cheers, John Wilkins

P.S. When you come with team (or later in semester alone)
always bring prepared material with you
(topic sentence outline with take home message).

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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