Best Title Delivers Take-Home Message  Takeaway

Below are some good titles from recent issues of Nature. You may not understand some technical words (altho nature readers are likely to) but you can see they have these important features:

Here are some examples.

With technical words you may not know.

Probably these are clear; altho missing something

Do short titles work?

Good titles of News articles.

Fixing title of other journal (e.g., PRL).

Physical Review Letters hasn't followed Nature (or its authors haven't) in constructing titles that have result and hence are THM. ~

One nature article has great title, subhead, first sentence and conclusion.

Title: Neanderthas has outsize effects on human biology.

Subhead: From skin disorders to the immune system, sex with archaic species changed Homo sapiens.

First sentences: Our ancestors were not a picky bunch. Overwhelming genetic evidence shows that Homo sapiens had sex with Neanderthals, Denisovans and other archaic relatives. Now researchers are using large genomics studies to unravel the decidedly mixed contributions that these ancient romps made to human biology...

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