Teams and Teaming


For presentations, class divided in teams of three (3).
Each team should have one member with a major in a science area, providing resources for the other team members.
The other teams member provide diversity of experiences.
Team may reform as long as the science member is retained. Any change must occur by the third day of class.
See list of class members, their diversity and and the teams.


In a team strengths of each member supplements that of the others. Usually, a team shares equally in the credit or blame (e.g., in industry).

In Physics 367, because teams have been assembled quickly for short-term assignments, each team member's performance will be separately assessed.

Accordingly each team member produces one-page set of topic sentences that capture individual's talk within whole presentation.

Still team must strive for a coherent presentation. Ideally the initial speaker introduce overall sweep of the team presentation and, at least, hints at overall conclusions. The middle speaker smoothly seques into individual topic and sets the stage for .... The final speaker completes the objectives of presentations and ties them up with take-home-message.

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