Aftermath of March 11 earth quake and tsunami to Fukushima Nuke Plants

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Lessons from Fukushima-NAS


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Natrue: A year at Fukushima > A three-minute "tour" of the change "landscape"
Collection of various videos on Fukushima

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Graphics (older): Photos from the scene>
Status of nuclear reactors as Fukushima Daicichi Power Plant
Hazards of Storing Spent Fuel--How a reactor shuts down
Satellite photoes of Japan, before and after the quake and tsunamie
Map of the Damage from the Japanese Earthquake
Collection of videos from earlt days some have been removed.

IEEE Spectrum: Fukushima and the future of nuclear power. IEEE Spectrum goes to a broad audience, generally it aims at least technical. This is particular true in its "Lessons" in 24 hours at Fukushima

Newspaper articles and studies usually in reverse chronological order.

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