Tsunami commentary

Link below is to videos. On the page click on link partway down the page on the left. You will go to a long list of videos that keep being added. The titles are helpful; even more helpful are the number of hits. Although many have Japanese commentary, you can turn if off and still understand what is going on -- example, helicopters dropping water on reactors. There is one interview in English that supplies inadvertently the difficulty in getting solid info in fast breaking story. Elsewhere there is an NRC task force report by real experts that honestly reveal that they had trouble getting solid info or arriving at clear confusions for future action.
Tsunami video

13 March 2011
Newly emerged footage shows the force at which the tsunami struck
Japan's coast.

In the fishing port of Miyako, in Iwate prefecture, boats were
overturned, while video from Kamaishi city shows cars being dragged down
city streets by the water.

The tsunami that followed the 8.9-magnitude earthquake wreaked havoc
along a huge stretch of Japan's north-east coast, sweeping far inland
and devastating a number of towns and villages. Powerful aftershocks are
continuing to hit the region.

Footage courtesy of TV Asahi and TBS

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12 March 2011
The intensity of Japan's earthquake on Friday is shown in new footage
captured north of Tokyo in Kashima, Ibaraki prefecture.

Gerrard Westby, who filmed the footage, moved to Japan a year ago from
Nova Scotia in Canada.

He told the BBC "I've witnessed earthquakes before but never with so
much ferocity and power.

I tried running through my third floor apartment to get outside only to
watch my kitchen fall apart. It was crazy. The aftershocks rumbled
through the night and continue every 5-10 min."

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