Sample Sentence Outlines

Title: Coal is the Energy of Future Electricity

THM: Electricity from coal can continue to meet electric need inexpensively by
(i) using existing coal supplemented by future combustible and transportable fuel,
(ii)improving technology both for cleaner & more efficient burning and for mining & waste management.

  1. Currently coal, the source of 73% of US electricity, has the necessary infrastructure to continue its growth for future needs: land, water, transmission, and coal.
  2. Contrary to rumor, clean coal exists or can be inexpensively implemented.
  3. As steam produces the electricity, any other fuel (e.g., methyl hydrate, biowaste, shale) can replace coal in the distant future.
  4. New techniques in coal technology -- strip mining, pretreating coal for great efficiency and cleanness -- are in constant development with plans for continuous improvement.

Title: The new nuclear reactors will be competitive source for all base-load electricity use.

  1. In pebble bed reactor, failure of the cooling system stills keeps temperature of balls' above melting points while reactor cools down.
  2. New plants will last at least 60 years, longer than all but hydroelectric dams.
  3. New designs are much simpler and quicker to build, reducing financing costs substantial and bringing plant on line sooner thru use of modular construction.
  4. New design burns previously used fuel, resulting in reduced waste that would be less radioactive. Current stored waste could meet US's needs for 70 years.
  5. What else? Where is THM

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