Preparing a Talk

Shape talk for specific audience
Adjust for what they may or may not know.
Don't bore them, but don't omit essential details.
Learn more than you need so you can answer questios.
Seek out and develop good visual material to illustrate points.
Web is a good place to search. Many images can be improved/edited.
     (Tools: download jpg/gifs, scanners, Photoshop. Ask friends for help.)
Make lettering 18pt, bold face; display horizontally, next to curves.
Use figures to make main pts, ever THM. Not minutiae.
A young professor covers a lot; an old one uncovers a little.
Restrict your topics to ensure effective, clear communication.
Take home message
What do you want the audience to carry away?
What one thing? Is there a need for two or three messages?
Do sentence outline (one main point per viewgraph).
Then revise it.   (revise = tighten/cut & rewrite/reorder)
Put main point as headline on vg -- written to fit on single line.

Guidelines for effective presentation

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