Near Misses

Near Misses are defined in terms of the chances of core meltdown.
Worse accidents are based on ``lost lives" and/or cost associated with the incident, possibly inlcuding the cost to restore working reactor. Worse accidents are based

You could pour thru the NRC records but there are other organizations who do the hard work. ``Greenpeace ss the largest independent direct-action environmental organization in the world." [Example: US seismic stress and nuke
plantsCorrelation between seimic activity and nuclear plants] But independent of whether you want to save the whales, the organization collects solid data and makes it available freely. But it would appreciate your money and active support. That is your decision. Here I use their data. An American Chernobly: Nuclear ``New Misses" at US Reactors Since 1968

Greenpeace has organized nearly 200 US ``near misses" since Chernobyl. First table below is significant near misses. After the date, is the risk assessment in ppt (part per thousand of core meltdown) and final where the NRC was aware of the possible as a result of their inspection process:

Significan Near Misses of US Operaturing Nuclear Reactors
Risk (ppt)
Reactor, StateDescription
2002 Feb 276.0NO Davis Besse, OHVessel Head Degradation src
1991 Aprl 36.0NOShearon Harris, NCHigh Pressure Injection ???
1986 June 133.0 NO Catawba 1, SC Small Preak Loas of Coolant Accidnet
1994 Sep 17 3.0 NO Wolf Creek, KS Reactor Coolant System Blow Down
1996 Feb 6 3.0 NO Catawba 2 Loss of Offsite Power (LOOP)
1986 Dec 272.1 YESTurkey Point 2, FL Control Rods Failed to Insert
1990 Mar 20 1.0 NO Vogtle 1, GA Loss of Offsite Power during shutdown
1990 Mar 20 1.0 NO Vogtle 2, GA Loss of Offsite Power during shutdown


Greenpeace identified 42 important near isses-- risk of meldown greater than 100 ppm. Only one (1) was on the NRC radar.

More important are repeat offenders that have mutliple near misses. A likely suggestion is that there are several design flaws that are not being actively monitors -- not even by the NRC.

Most Near Misses Since Chernobyl

DC Cook 1 Indiana/Michigan Power 6 11 miles S of Benton Harbor MI
Dresden 3 Exelon 6 9 miles E of Morris IL
Oconee 2 Duke Energy Nuclear LLC 6 30 miles W of Greenville SC
Oconee 3 Duke Energy Nuclear LLC 6 30 miles W of Greenville SC
St. Lucie 1 Florida Power & Light 6 12 miles SE of Ft. Pierce FL
DC Cook 2 Indiana/ Michigan Power 5 11 miles S of Benton Harbor MI
Oconee 1 Duke Energy Nuclear LLC 5 30 miles W of Greenville IL
Dresden 2 Exelon 4 9 miles E of Morris IL
Shearon Harris Carolina Power & Light 4 20 miles SW of Raleigh NC
Haddam Neck Northeast Utilities 4 13 miles E of Meriden CT
Seabrook FPL Energy 4 13 miles S of Portsmouth NH

The nervous person would be concerned that nuclear reactors are as dangerous as they were 20 years ago when Chernobyl scared millions to the ``realigies" of badly designed reactors. But no US reactor is as badly designed as Chernobyl. Indeed a review of world reactors doesn't turn up. However Greenpeace doesn't believe this and strongly warns of an American Chernobyl.

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