Estimating Risk

US Traffic Deaths/Injuries
Death (k-person)444244
Vehicle-miles (T-miles)
Rates per 100 M-miles
Injured persons n.a.14390
Related Factors
% alcohol-related deaths483837
% seat-belt use n.a.6181
Sources: RITA (Bureau of Transportation Statistics) Tables: 2-17 (vehicle safety),
2-25 (alcohol), 2-39(safety belt); this and other risk data (other transport to pollution) at

Health risk? Somehow in 2005, during 3.0 Tera-vehicle-miles driven 44,000 persons died. That is summarized as 1.5 person died in 100 M miles. If you drive 100,000 miles in a one car, your chance of fatal accident is 1.5 in a thousand. Not drinking helps. Using a cell phone?
NHTS (National Household Travel Survey)

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