Comments on Topic-Sentence Outline (& figures)

original tso

THM: maybe point 1 or 9 below.

This was TSO for team with each member responsible for 2+ TS.

jww revised tso

THM Solar can supplment peak power since the sun shines then and its price ...

Another sample

THM Wind energy is effective because it (1) is a clean energy source; (2) it can be a cost effective resource that (3) technology has been improving.

Comments on Figures

Lettering should be large -- 18 pt. For vertical axis, parallel to horizontal.

Avoid colors as sole identification;
Supplement with unique symbol or line struture (dashed, dashed-dot, etc.).
Try to put word label close to the line or part of pie chart or ...

Caption should have the point of the figure.


Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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