Sentence Outlines & Presentations

Sentence Outlines & Summaries

Each student must prepare a take-home message and topic-sentence outline; copy to be turned in just before the presentation

  1. Topic-Sentence Outline
  2. Summary

    Two examples illustrate ways of achieving these two example.

    This example contain a Take-Home Message (THM) of the paper followed by a set of topic sentences laying out the specfics of the argument of the take-home message. Each topic sentence would start the paragraph in paper or would be title of a slide in talk.

    The best paper title capture the nub of the take-home message. (See examples in Good Titles.)


Suggestions regarding the preparation for your outline:

  1. Read the articles through fairly quickly to get a general idea of what the topic is about. Do not try to make your outline at this time. If there are unfamiliar words, you may wish to stop to look them up in a dictionary or a textbook.

  2. Look at your part of the topic and keep this in mind as you read the articles again, this time more slowly. As you read, jot down in sequence the facts and ideas that seem most important to you. This series of statements will become your outline. When you have outlined the articles, you should then add information you have obtained from other sources on the subject. You should then add any ideas, questions or conclusions of your own.

Presentations Details

For two presenatioin, you will work in groups of three. Each group will be allowed approximately 21 minutes for the presentation, with whatever time thereafter for class discussion that the topic seems to warrant. Your presentation will be cut off at 24 minutes to allow the next group to begin. The third presentation will be solo; 10 minutesplus three for questions.

Turn final sentence outline in before you (solo) and your team makes the presentation. Submit your viewgraphs after the talk(s) by hard-copy or email.

It is very important you appear on the scheduled date of your presentation. In the case of team presentations, you will let down your team members.
There will be NO opportunity to make up a missed presentation.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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