Picking topic for 3rd talk and
Compulsory Appointments on third talk and final paper

Talk topic & 3 energy sources for final paper. The first meeting may be brief if have prepared printed version of
talk topic on energy with a coherent point of view (THM: take home message) and
three energy sources to sustain USA for 100 years.

But, if not, this meeting could take some time. Satisfactory answers are necessary to receive credit for this meeting.

Finally must schedule 2nd meeting at which an acceptable THM and SO are presented for both talk and final paper. This meeting will be repeated until acceptable printed copies are received. In summary,

Second Compulsory appt with lecturer on:

JWW Available at any hole. If you schdule thru Trisch 2-2778 or me 2-5193, your name will be entered in the time slot.

TEB; contact him directly 292-8065. He teaches twice on MWF between 11:00-1:45. He had office hours before and after lectures when you could stop by to discuss the topic. For the compulsory meeting you should scedule a slot.
55 minutes period
FridayMondayTuesdayWednesday Thursday Friday
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TB appointments
not yet scheduled to meet with either:

Scheduled 2nd appointment Nov 11-15.