Final Presentation Topics

A body of newpaper articles are organized by topics on Resouces; each directory in rough reverse chronological order

You are not restricted to these suggestions. But you must check any topic with us to protect you from known disaster topics. The list starts with topics never before taken as they did not exist last year. They are brave but relevent.


Thorium-fuel reactor -- Alex
Chernobyl now -- Jhon
magnetic confinement fusion -- Jeremy
laser-induced fusion -- Dillan
clean diesel engines (ha-ha) -- Paul
EV with switchable batteries -- Cornelius
automated highways -- Michelle
automobile safety / crashworthiness of automobiles --Jake
biodiversity in the food supply -- Zhengqi
algae biodiesel -- TJ
biopesticides -- Kevin
antimicrobial resitance -- Jimmy
nuclear terrorism -- Tessa
bioterrorism -- Atal
oil spills -- DJ
mercury pollution -- Jack
influenza/bird flu -- MattM
plasma trash gasification -- Nicholas
overgrazing -- Ben
using ice cores to measure historical climate -- Kira
colonization of mars / terraforming -- Erin
earth-sheltered homes -- MatthewK
carbon sequestering -- Andrew



HIV in Africa
forecasting volcanos / Mt St. Helens / Yellowstone
concrete houses
forecasting tornados
methal hydrates
superconducting electricity transmission
superconducting energy storage 
geothermal home heating & cooling (not available 2017)
forecasting earthquakes
rare earth metals: resources & consumption
OTEC = ocean thermal energy conversion (not available 2017)
Turning coal into methanol to use as a transportation fuel
topsoil erosion 
deep-well geothermal power
retirement of nuclear reactors
el nino / la nina


automobile exhaust technology
alternate space propulsion
space elevator

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