Some Recent Publications:

Acoustic Phonons and Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Thin Porous Low-k Films: A Surface Brillouin Scattering Study
J of Electronic Materials, pp 1-9 (2018) (pdf)

Real-time magnetic actuation of DNA nanodevices via modular integration with stiff micro-levers
Nature Communications, 9(1), 1446 (2018) (pdf)

Tuning bacterial hydrodynamics with magnetic fields
Physics Review E, 95, 062612 (2017) (pdf)

Mechanical properties of low- and high-k dielectric thin films: A surface Brillouin light scattering study
Journal of Applied Physics, 119, 144102 (2016) (pdf)

Steering microtubule shuttle transport with dynamically controlled magnetic fields
Nanoscale, 8, 8641-8649 (2016) (pdf)

An on-chip colloidal magneto-optical grating
Applied Physics Letters, 108, 161106 (2016) (pdf)

Magnetic Tweezers-Based 3D Microchannel Electroporation for High-Throughput Gene Transfection in Living Cells
Small, 11, 1818-1828 (2015) (pdf)

Deterministic and Stochastic Trajectories of Magnetic Particles: Mapping Energy Landscapes for Technology And Biology
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 50, 2303507 (2014). (pdf)

Programmable Self-Assembly, Disassembly, Transport, and Reconstruction of Ordered Planar Magnetic Micro-Constructs
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 50, 1 - 6 (2014). (pdf)

Patterned time-orbiting potentials for the confinement and assembly of magnetic dipoles
Scientific Reports, 3, 3124-1 -3124-5 (2013). (pdf)

Noncontact optical metrologies for Young's modulus measurements of nanoporous low-k dielectric thin films
Journal of Nanophotonics, 7, 073094-1 -073094-15 (2013). (pdf)

Magnetic Microstructures for Control of Brownian Motion and Microparticle Transport
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 49, 300-308 (2013). (pdf)

On-chip magnetic separation and encapsulation of cells in droplets
Lab on a Chip, 13 (6), 1172 - 1181 (2013). (pdf)

Ultra-localized single cell electroporation using silicon nanowires
Lab on a Chip, 13 (3), 336 - 339 (2013). (pdf)

Mechanical properties of high porosity low-k dielectric nano-films determined by Brillouin light scattering
Journal of Physcis D: Applied Physics 46, 045308 (2013). (pdf)

A MagDot-Nanoconveyor Assay Detects and Isolates Molecular Biomarkers
Chemical Engineering Progress December 2012, 41-51 (2012). (pdf)

Advances in Metrology for the Determination of Young's Modulus for low-k Dielectric Thin Films
Proceedings of SPIE 8466, Instrumentation, Metrology, and Standards for Nanomanufacturing, Optics, and Semiconductors VI, 84660A (October 11, 2012). (pdf)

Transport of magnetic microparticles via tunable stationary magnetic traps in patterned wires
Physical Review B 85, 174440 (2012). (pdf)

Elastic properties of porous low-k dielectric nano-films
Journal of Applied Physics 110, 043520 (2011). (pdf)

Regulating Brownian Fluctuations with Tunable Microscopic Magnetic Traps
Physical Review Letters 107, 087206 (2011). (pdf)

Inelastic light scattering studies of diffuse phase transition in ferroelectric Sr1.9Ca0.1NaNb5O15 thin films
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43, 326-330 (2011). (pdf)

Patterned magnetic traps for magnetophoretic assembly and actuation of microrotor pumps
Applied Physics Letters 98, 103505 (2011). (pdf)

Acoustic vibrations in free-standing single-, bi-layer nanomembranes and patterned wires
Annalen der Physik 523, 107-120 (2011). (pdf)

Light-Scattering Study of the Normal Human Eye Lens: Elastic Properties and Age Dependence
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 57, 2910 (2010). (pdf)

Simultaneous Magnetic Manipulation and Fluorescent Tracking of Multiple Individual Hybrid Nanostructures
Nano Letters 10, 2220 (2010). (pdf)

Manipulation of Magnetically Labeled and Unlabeled Cells with Mobile Magnetic Traps
Biophysical Journal 98, 412 (2010). (pdf)

Magnetic Wire Traps and Programmable Manipulation of Biological Cells
Physical Review Letters 103, 128101 (2009). (pdf)

Sound propagation in light-modulated carbon nanosponge suspensions
Physical Review B 79, 104204 (2009). (pdf)

Slab waveguides and nanoscale patterning of pulsed laser-deposited Ge0.2Se0.8 chalcogenide films
Applied Physics Letters 93, 041107 (2008). (pdf)

Magnetoelectric and dielectric relaxation properties of the high Curie temperature composite Sr1.9Ca0.1NaNb5O15-CoFe2O4
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41, 125402 (2008). (pdf)

Relief and trench formation on chalcogenide thin films using electron beams
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B 26(6), 2478 (2008). (pdf)

Evolution of magnetic domain reversal with temperature in Co/Pt multilayers observed by magneto-optical Kerr imaging
Physical Review B 76, 184433 (2007). (pdf)