Girls Reaching to Achieve in Sports & Physics (GRASP)

2012 GRASP Activities - Monday June 11 & 18

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When all the campers arrived, we did an ice breaker activity where the girls had to work as a group to match items on campus to several color swatches.
On June 11th and June 18th, Dr. Nancy Santagata presented on the physics of football. She taught the campers about center of mass, projectile motion, and momentum.
After learning about projectile motion, the girls made catapults using popsicle sticks, glue, and rubber bands. Prizes were given to those who could shoot their projectile furthest and most accurately.
In the afternon, we meet up with some OSU football players who gave the GRASP participants a lesson on how to properly kick and throw a football.
The participants and volunteers of the second session of GRASP, June 18-22, with OSU football players.
In the afternoon, Dr. Richard Hughes introduced a project where the campers had to build magnetic cars out of Lego blocks. The campers learned about magnetism with this project.