Project Planning


As a normal consequence of active academic and research programs, facility modifications are often needed. Examples of such modifications include reconfiguring a space for a new use, adding a new electrical outlet or ground, adding a process cooling water circuit, adding a structural fabrication to support an apparatus, adding or removing walls and doors, adding shelves, etc., etc., etc.


Facility modification work is significantly constrained by statutory and other rules and regulations.  Such constraints extend the time needed to complete such work far beyond what most who are unfamiliar with the rules would expect. Therefore, it is of critical importance that such needs (even in loose conceptual form) are identified early and immediately communicated to the appropriate supporting groups.


Research groups considering a facility modification should treat such work as a project and apply basic project management techniques to their efforts.  To initiate a facility modification project, groups should begin by reading the document below and by contacting the facility engineering team. The document serves as a tool to aid and guide groups in their planning.  In addition to this planning tool, the facility engineering team offers significant experience in all aspects of project management and facility modification and is available for consultation as needed.