General Information:


The LN2 Automated Dispensing System (LADS) will provide semi-automatic dispensing of liquid nitrogen into portable dewars owned by individual research groups.  The system will track product usage to individual users and generate data output suitable for reports.


Preconditions to System Use:


Each group, each user, and each dewar is assigned a unique identification number within the system.  The full weight of each dewar is recorded within the system.



Principal of Operation:


The dewar is placed on the platform scale establishing a starting weight for the fill session.  The automated supply valve opens to allow liquid to enter the dewar and remains open until the weight equals the assigned full weight value for the dewar.

LN2 Automated Delivery System

Filling a Dewar:


Step 1:


Connect the safety lanyard to the dewar and then roll it up the access ramp to the midpoint of the scale platform.  Connect the fill hose.









Step 2:


At the control panel, enter Group ID, then enter User ID, then enter Dewar ID














Step 3:


Exit the room, close the doors, and at the remote operating panel, rotate the black toggle switch to the start position.