Grading Scheme

short paper8
medium paper16
long paper32
short talk12
medium talk20
refereeing of short paper4
refereeing of medium paper6
refereeing of long paper6
evaluation of short talks8
evaluation of medium talks8

Penalties may be applied for late papers, or for late or non-existent outlines or drafts.

Students who do not hand in a draft on time may not be permitted to referee other students' papers


Papers are graded on...

pages numbers0-1
referemnces & citations0-2
existance of a clear policy0-2(long paper only)
science0-4(0 only in extreme cases)
topic sentences1-4
figure (or table) and caption0-4(medium and long paper only)

Grades are then scaled to the points for the assignment.


After each talk, the students in the audience write evaluations of the talk. In particular they comment on the main points, science, organization, presentation (or style), and slides. They also grade each category on a scale of poor - fair - good - excellent - outstanding. The teachers grade the talks 1-5 in each category (except main points) based on the student comments, using the student scoring as a guide. The grades are then scaled to the points for the assignment.

Historical Grades

Grades for previous offerings of Physics 596 by Dr. Wilkins
[grade histogram]

Grade cutoffs used in the past are not a guarantee that the same cutoffs will be used in any present or future course.

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