Writing Styles

The approach in this course -- take-home-message, topic sentences, sentence outline -- are the most efficient for expository writing. Beside good chance of clear message and faster, they minimize revisions save to catch typos and such. Other writers work differently, especially fiction writers. Some quotes below illustrate the variety.

Dick Francis (1920-2010) [jockey, sport journalist, mystery writer] Two paragraph quote is from NYTimes obit (15 February 2010).

Writing a novel proved to be the hardest, most self-analyzing task I had ever attempted,” Mr. Francis said, ar worse than an autobiography.” He went about his unaccustomed chore cautiously and methodically, as he might have approached a skittish horse. Working in pencil in an exercise book, he would labor over one sentence until he was satisfied that he could do no better, then move on to the next sentence.

"My `first draft’ is IT,” Mr. Francis revealed in his autobiography, noting that he never rewrote. “I’ve tried once or twice, but I haven't the mental stamina and I feel all the time that although what I’m attempting may be different, it won’t be better and may very well be worse, because my heart isn’t in it.”

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