See also Grammatically Incorrect

William Safire's 1999 Bloopie Awards, New Times Magazine, 18 October 1998, p.22.

Avoiding he/she and messing up; Corrections in italics.

"Less" describe quantity; "fewer" deals with a number.

From an online ad for US News Stylebook

Unique spiral binding makes book lay flat for easy use.

New Yorker example

Carlsbad (NM) Current-Argus

Tuesday morning's Carlsbad Current-Argus called a charge residents pay for 911 service a "surge" charge. It is, of course, a sir charge.

All examples from The Chronicle for Higher Education

Try your hand at catching the errors.

1 Solecism. Webster: an ungrammatical combination of words in a sentence; also : a minor blunder in speech. OED: An impropriety or irregularity in speech or diction; a violation of the rules of grammar or syntax; properly, a faulty concord. [Concord: Formal agreement between words as parts of speech, expressing the relation of fact between things and their attributes or predicates.]

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