March 31, 1998


Answers to What's Your Sleep I.Q.?

1. During sleep, your brain rests; False.

2. You cannot learn to function normally with one or two fewer hours of sleep a night than you need; True.

3. Boredom makes you feel sleepy, even if you have had enough sleep; False.

4. Resting in bed with your eyes closed cannot satisfy your bodys need for sleep; True.

5. Snoring is not harmful as long as it does not disturb others or wake you up; False.

6. Everyone dreams every night; True.

7. The older you get, the fewer hours of sleep you need; False.

8. Most people do not know when they are sleepy; True.

9. Raising the volume of your radio will help you stay awake while driving; False.

10. Sleep disorders are mainly due to worry or psychological problems; False.

11. The human body never adjusts to night shift work; True.

12. Most sleep disorders go away even without treatment; False.

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