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Beer, David F		A guide to writing as an engineer
T11 .B396 1997 		Wiley 1997 253p
			Short to-the-point sections on what you need.
			Highpoint is Chapter 2.
Briscoe, Mary Helen	Preparing scientific illustrations: a guide
Q222 B75 1996		to better posters, presentations and publications
			2nd ed, Springer 1996 204p
			Look at many examples.

Burnett, Rebecca E	Technical communication,
T11 .B86 1990		3rd ed. 1994 Wadsworth
			Has lots of examples for almost any kind of 
			techical writing.  

Day, Robert A		How to write and publish a scientific paper
T11 D33 1994		4th ed, Oryx 1994 223p
			SEL has 1988 edition on 3-day reserve,but is
			securing use of 1994 edition soon.  This is 
			very standard how-to book you may find useful.
			oryx customer: 1-800-279-6799

Day, Robert A		Scientific English: a guide for scientists and 
PE1475 .D38 1995	other professionals
			2nd ed, Oryx 1995 148p
			If you want to buy something consider this.  
			Try reading `only' section on page 19.

Houp, Kenneth W		Reporting technical information (3 more authors)
T11 .H83 1988		9th ed, 1996 Allyn and Bacon 689p
need to order 9th ed 	Something on everything.  Try chaper 7 on
			`Achieving a readable [clear in earlier eds] style'

Lannon, John M		Technical writing
T11 L29 1982		7th ed, 1996 HarperCollins 693p
PE1475 .L36 1985 (EDU) 	Something on everything; lots of examples -- 
may need to order 96ed	most fairly dull in 1982 edition.  

Lindsay, David		A guide to scientific writing
PE1475 .L36 1985 (EDU)  2nd ed, Longman 1995 126p

Paradis, James G	The MIT guide to science and engineering
Q223.P33 1997		communication, MIT Press 1997

Pauley, Steven E	Technical report writing today
T111 P383 1996?		6th ed, Houghton Mifflin 1996? 500p

Pickett, Nell Ann	Technical English: writing, reading, and
PE1127.T37 P5 1993 	speaking, 7th ed. 1996 HarperCollins 683p
			Really believes in outlines -- used everywhere.
			A 100 page of selected readings, try p 511
			on holography or p 538 on clear writing.

Porush, David		A short guide to writing about science
T11 .P67 1995		HarperCollins 1995 275p
			Worth a look.

Riordan, Daniel G	Technical report writing today
T11 .P383 1993		6th ed, Houghton Mifflin 1996 558p
			Pretty mechanical and aimed at report 
			writing.  Lots of examples of all steps.1

Roze, Maris		Technical communication : the practical craft
T10.5R65 1997			3rd ed, Prentice Halll 1997 290p

Rubens Philip (ed)      Science and technical writing,
T11.S323 1992           1st ed, Holt 1992 513p (first OWL book)

Sageev, Pneena P	Helping researchers write ... so managers can
PE1475 .S25 1994	understand, 2nd ed, Battelle Press 168p
			Aimed at researh-manager interface.  You might
			ask yourself if it is successful.  See chap 1 
			for motivation and pp 53-75 for style examples. 


Anholt, Robert R H 	Dazzle'em with style: the art of oral scientific
Q223 .A63 1994		presentation, Freeman 1994
			Full of  good  advice in only 190 small pages.
Beebe, Steven A         Public speaking: an audience-centered approach,
PN4121.B34 1997         Allyn and Bacon 1997 500p
need to order new book

Booth, Vernon		Writing a scientific paper and speaking at
T11 .B66 1981 		scientific meetings, 5th ed, 

Makay, John J		Public speaking: theory into practice,
PN4121 .M316 1995	Harcourt Brace 1995 
PN4121 .M197 1992 	General introduction to the whole subject.
  is what we have	See pp 261-265 on humor before you try it.
			Lots of interviews with speakers.

McDaniel, Rebecca	Scared speechless: public speaking step by step,
PN4121 .M3397 1994	Sage 1994 

Ross, Raymond Samuel	Speech communication: the speechmaking process,
P95 .R675 1995		10th ed, Allyn and Bacon 1995

Sullivan, Richard L	Technical presentation workbook: winning
T10.5.S85 1996 		strategies for effective public speaking,
			ASME Press 1996

Zarefsky, David		Public speaking : strategies for success
PN4121 .Z37 1996	Allyn and Bacon 1996 (paper)

Resource books on writing

Bazerman, Charles	The informed writer: using sources in the
PE1417 .B39 1995	disciplines, 5th ed, Houghton Mifflin
			This is used as textbook in some writing
only 4th ed avaiable	courses; strong on referencing.

LaFollette Marcel C	Stealing into print: fraud, plagarism and
Z286 S4  L33 1992	misconduct in scientific publishing,
			U California 1992 293 p
			Not as good as its title.  Try looking thru
			chapters 4 (on authors) and 5 (on editors).

`Oxford'		The Oxford dictionary for scientific writers
T11 O94 1991		and editors, Oxford 1992 389p

Williams, Joseph M 	Style: ten lessons in clarity and grace,
PE1421 .W545 1997	5th ed, Longman, 1997 286p
only 1985 ed at OSU!	Worth a look at even earlier edition. I
			bought a copy!

Zinsser, William K	On writing well: an informal guide to writing
PE1429 .Z5 1994	 	nonfiction, 5th ed, HarperPerennial 1994, 300p
			Read early chapters for his `tough love' approach.
			The pages are short and it will go quickly while
			making the points.

Example of good writing on science and tecnhology

Amato, Ivan             Stuff : the materials the world is made of
TA403.2 .A48 1997       BasicBooks 1997 294 p

David Berlinksi		A tour of the calculus,
QA303 B488 1995		Panthenon 1995, 331p

James E Gordon		The new science of strong materials
TA403.2 G6 1984		2nd ed, Princeton/Penguin 1984, 279p  

David Ruelle		Chance and chaos
QA273 R771 1991 	Princeton 1991, 195p

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