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Collection of Resources

Online information
American Heritage Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Oxford English Dictionary
Encyclopaedia Brittanica Syntax: " ", ( ), AND/+, NOT/-, OR, *   also & finally.
Database and other resources
Writing Skills Resources
OWL: Online writing laboratory
OSU Writing Center, 688-4291 or 292-5607, 485 Mendenhall Lab.
   The WC provides free tutorial services at any stage of the
   writing process, except proofreading. Call for appointment.
Consulting Services for GEC writing course instructor.
   485 Mendenhall, 8-5888; Roger Cherry, Director, 8-5865. cstw@osu.edu
Grammar and Style Notes by Jack Lynch
Ronald Standler's Technical Writing Guide
Strunk's Elements of Style; Short list of rules
Elements of Style for Web Design, Christine Quinn
Allyn and Bacon Site on English Composition.
Text/exercises from "The Craft of Scientific Writing" by M Alley, 3rd edition
Assessments and essays
Grading your own talk (before giving it)
Style: for reader or writer
Reinventing physics: search for real frontier Robert Laughlin 2005
Procrastinationes, can you be cured? 2005
Dangers of procrastination 2002
Value of planning ahead,avoiding all-nighters 1998
Killing a Elephant, excellent (1936) example of point of view in describing an experience (by George Orwell)
Owing a written explanation to the widest possible audience -- a defense of why science needs to be explained and how one person does it.
On screen reading more difficult?
Freshmen assess their abilities
E-Mail and the Law of Unintended Consequences
The challenge of communicating science to the public
The End of Ingenuity or the exponential catches up.
Fear of speaking
Preoccupied by physics
Sleep deprivation,
quiz on sleep, with answers,
Price for cheating on sleep
The more things change ...
Variety of learning styles
Grammatically incorrect
Proofreading exercises
Noodling around: Editors I have known and loved

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