Referee Report for Short Paper         whole story

Refereeing is anonymous. The author will not know who the two referees are unless one of them tells or puts personal revelatory info in the report.

The form is meant to be self-explanatory and consist of six questions. Your name will be at bottom of the form for course purposes. The copy to the author will omit your name.

The questions to be answers

  1. Is paper's take-home message clear. What is it?
  2. Number the paragraphs in the left hand margin, if not already numbered. Underline the topic or point sentence of each paragraph. If you cannot find the point sentence for any paragraph, either write a possible topic sentence for it or explain why you can't write one. How well do the topic sentences convey the points of the paragraphs? Use the back of the sheet if necessary.
  3. How well does the introduction specifically raise the main point and physics of the paper?
  4. How well does the last paragraph deliver the take-home message while avoiding supplying new material?
  5. Does the paper raise unanswered questions? Comment.
  6. How would you improve the paper?

Feel free to indicate "typos" and make other comments directly on your copy of the paper.

Return the paper with this report.

Due Date: Monday 11 April; 4 pm in PRB 2196

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