Sentence Structure

 Fixed       Subject     |   Verb    |  Complement  
 Variable   Characters   |  Action   |      -
  1. Express actions and conditions in specific verbs, adverbs or adjectives.

The intention of the committees is the improvement of morale.
Or? The committee intends to improve morale.

There has been effective staff information dissemination control on the part of the Secretary.
Or? The Secretary has exercised effective staff information dissemination control.
Or? The Secretary has effectively controlled staff information dissemination.
Or? The Secretary has effectively controlled how his staff disseminates information.

  1. When appropriate, make subjects of your verbs characters involved in those actions.

A decision on the part of the Dean about funding by the Department of its program must be made for there to be adequate staff preparation.

Or? If the staff is to prepare adequately, the Dean must decide whether the Department will fund the program.