Active Character in a Sentence

Fixed       Subject     |   Verb   |  Complement
Variable   Characters   |  Action  |      -

.Which of these better identify the appropriate characters?

Because we | knew 
| nothing about local conditions,
we | could not determine how effectively |
the committee | has allocated funds to  areas 
| that most needed | assistance.

Our lack of knowledge about local conditions |
precluded |
determination of committee action effectiveness 
  in fund allocation to those areas that 
  | most needed | attention.

The current estimate | is | of a 50% reduction 
in the introduction of new chemical products 
in the event that compliance with the 
Preliminary Manufacturing Notice  becomes a 
requirement under proposed Federal legislation.

If Congress | requires | that the 
    chemical industry | comply with | 
    the Preliminary Manufacturing Notice, 
we | estimate | that 
    industry | will introduce 
    | 50% fewer new products.