Revision of Draft Manuscript

  1. Overall structure. Does manuscript achieve intended objective?
    • Explain clearly and concisely a piece of science;
    • Is it aimed at the intended audience?
  2. Excess or missing material.
    • What could be omitted without affecting the argument?
    • What have you assumed, but not explained, that is essential for a convincing argument?
  3. Abstract: Is it clear and specific with all the main points?
    • Does it promise claims not developed in the text?
    • Are the conclusions consistent with the abstract?
  4. Figure(s and tables if necessary)
    • Does figure deliver all or important part of take-home message?
    • Is figure carefully crafted: explicit axes labels, each curve (if more than one) identified on figure; no unnecessary curves or material?
    • Does caption deliver all/part THM by clearly explaining figure and its significance?
  5. Topic sentences.
    • Does every paragraph have a topic sentence?
    • Do topic sentences, read alone, reveal paper's essence?
    • Is topic sentence the first sentence of the paragraph?
  6. Paragraphs.
    • Have you introduced a topic and then failed to develop it?
    • Or developed it using terms that reader cannot connect with announced topic?
    • Do you develop an argument never mentioned in abstract or conclusion?
    • In Introduction, did you fail to introduce a topic string central to the paper?
  7. Individual sentences.
    • Are the subjects' characters doing the action of the verbs?
    • Are subjects consistent or do they jump around in paragraph?
    • Do sentences display complex material clearly and concisely?
    • Have you put emphasis at the sentence's end by
      trimming the end;
      moving less important materials to the left;
      moving important materials to the right?

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