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The case for genetically engineered crops

Genetically Engineered Crops: A Safe Way to Increase Quantity
    and Improve Quality of Our Food Supply

Scientists are not designing killer plants. They are simply
finding ways to make crops pest resistant and increase yield.  
In this technological age it makes sense to apply our knowledge
in as many ways as possible to improve our quality of life

The case against Star Wars II 

Star Wars II: unreliable, ineffective, destabilizing and illegal

Not only is Star Wars II based on unreliable technology,
even if it were reliable, it would be ineffective in stopping
missiles from nations such as North Korea and, at the same time,
it could destabilize the Russians as a result of US abrogating
the 1972 ABM treaty

Medical advances require testing on humans and animals 

US should rely on solar power developed elsewhere 

The case for high-speed rail 

Nuclear fuel reprocessing 

US Nuclear power should replace fossil fuel 

Animal testing should avoided for all products for which 
   the law does not require such testing 

Animal testing is important for medical research and should continue.  

FDA should regulate dietary supplements as it regulates food additives 

Breast implants are safe

Genetic manipulation of agricultural crops should be stopped. 

Emission trading, a part of the Kyoto agreement, is a bad
   idea; the success in the US with sulfur trading cannot be achieved in
   an international system.

In the generation of electrical energy, nuclear fission should replace
   coal to achieve lower cost, less pollution and fewer

International Space Station is $21 billion tinker toy and PR stunt.

radiation of produce is safe and effective

US should lead the way in decreasing emissions from vehicles and utilities. 

Federal government and private agencies should support SETI.

The use of nuclear imaging in emergency treatment of chest pains would 
   improve diagnois and treatment with considerable cost savings. 

Internationally enforced zero population growth is necessary both for
   protecting and restoring the biosphere and to protect current
   population from self destruction.

Regardless of signed treaties, US should develop and
   deploy anti-ballistic-missile system.

Global Positioning Systems can develop (?) enhanced
   capabilities to track environmental changes.

Automatic highways could enhance the capacity and safety existing 
   highways; car-platoon grouping enable connectivity to other highways.

Explosive devices (for terror or warfare) can be detected remotely:
   one laser evaporate small quantities of explosive molecules then
   detected with another laser.

Fusion power is the only viable source for future power needs both
   on economic and environmental grounds.

To attain practical fusion: (i) reduce turbulence preventing
   sustained, controlled fusion; (ii) repair/replace reactor walls
   continuously eroded; (iii) remove alpha particles & impurities killing
   fusion; (iv) develop advanced materials to harvest fusion energy;
   and (v) develop testing procedures under prolonged fusion.

Monte Carlo simulation provide backgrounds (from known physics) to
   subtract from experiments to find new particles or properties of
   known particles.

In the unlikely event of LHC at CERN creating a micro Black Hole, it
   would not grow but rather quickly decay by emitting harmless particles.

Exploring Mars is now possible if international collaboration 
   provide more powerful rocket to quickly construct vehicle 
   in space and techniques for harvesting energy, water and
   oxygen can be harvested on Mars.

Moving from magnetic disk drive memory to digital solid state memory 
   already increase speed of data access and read/write 
   with decreased power consumption; further advances
   should erase cost disadvantage.

The billiard ball's finite radius and ability to spin dramatically 
   alter the kinetic and dynamics of billiards,

Brain- Machine interfaces can effectively use existing brain function 
   to control robotic parts in paralyzed patients.

Gravitational microlensing dramatically increase the range of detecting
   new planets, regardless of their mass or brightness.

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