Referee Report of Policy Paper
                         DUE: 10:00 a.m. 22 May 2001

  1. Science. What policy is being advocated? Is the science clearly explained & does it justify the proposed policy? Are serious objections to the poicy admitted and answered?
  2. Structure. Is the paper aided by its structure -- (i) division into major sections, (ii) their development into paragraphs, and (iii) cumulative progress to main conclusion?
  3. Illustration. Is the illustration clear & helpful to the paper's argument? Does the text cite/use the illustration? Does illustration's caption clearly explain its point/importance?
  4. Abstract, Intro & Conclusion. Does the ...
    Abstract: Identify main points, science, and results? Is the proposed policy specified?
    Introduction: Clearly present topic strings that drive the paper?
    Conclusion: Summarize the main points of the paper, including the proposed policy? Does it introduce new material not covered in the paper?
  5. Topic Sentences. Underline the topic sentences in the text. Comments?
      Return the paper with this report.

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