Tips on writing policy paper


I have hoped for some references but realize now that I hadn't pushed hard at my last rule for sentence outlines:

  1. For this course, you should include at the end the most important references you will use. These can be cited in individual sentences of the outline, if you want, in order to make clear where they are relevant.


It is hard to tell where you are going to insert illustrations:

The paper must have an appropriate figure or table with an original caption. The figure may be embedded in the text or attached at the end.

For some papers that could be a table. If you go that way, please look at "Dazzle 'em with Style"; pages 100-109 (Figures 5-12) show how a table can be more effectively represented with a figure.

In any case, choose illustrations that best illustrate main points in the paper, especially the take home message(s).

Using the sentence outline

Start writing with the topic sentences as the first sentences of each paragraph. Just trying this may cause you to look again at my comments. Don't junk the sentence outline and just write. Instead revise the outline until it really lays out the paper's structure. I would willing look at a further revision of the sentence outline.