Letter seeking resolution of grievance

[Three-¶'s: 1) letter-writer identity , 2) specific complaint, 3) suggested remedy.]

Professor Will Saam, Chair
Physics Department
174 West 18th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Dear Professor Saam:

I write as a student in Physics 596 to share my opinions of that course on writing and speaking about physics. I am a senior in Physics presently doing an individual study project with Professor Scherrer. I believe my 3.4 GPA indicates I am a serious student whose opinion should be heard.

I have strong objections to two related aspects of Physics 596. First, the professor actually listens to the opinion of a teaching assistant in grading drafts and final versions of the three papers in the course. Second, the professor uses, indeed hides behind, peer review of our papers and talks. Why should I take seriously the opinions of students who are no more knowledgeable than myself? In short, the professor is not doing his job, substituting the judgement of others for his own.

I encourage you to examine my complaints for their accuracy and validity. If you agree with me, I hope you will ensure the next offering of Physics 596 has a different professor.

Your sincerely,
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