Take Home Message

Take Home Message

What do best talks and papers have in common? (Below are titles from 1998-2000.)

A. Tell a story

B. What do you want the audience to carry away? What one thing? Is there a need for two or three messages? Reorder order of sentence outline to lead inexorably to planned take-home message.

C. Figures/tables should be prepared first. Ideally, figures and tables carry the main message. Stand-alone captions and good labels further enhance the figures and strengthen the whole argument.

D. End the presentation with a clearly formulated, concise conclusion. When this take-home message has been delivered, stop!

Sample policy paper titles from decade ago

Can you guess from titles the points of these policy papers?

Take Home Message (THM)

  1. Motivates (or discourages) potential reader or listener.
  2. Organizes presentation:
    • Keep material that supports or relates to THM;
    • Order material to rationally develop THM.
  3. Sends the reader/listener out with clear, memorable point.

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