Reviewing Process for Scientific Journals

Reviewing process steps:

  1. Article to selected reviewers;
  2. Reviewers criticize/suggest;
  3. Editor reinforces "2" to authors;
  4. Revision/review cycle(s);
  5. Accepted paper sent to publisher;
  6. Delays: copy-editing, galley proofs.

Journal selection criteria:

Authors select journal for impact publication will have on their
   scientific reputation for
     academic promotion and
     grant-application success.

Publication speed can be a factor.

Editors select reviewers for:

  1. scientific expertise,
  2. past performance,
  3. open-mindedness, and
  4. timely response in unrewarded anonymity.

Source: Floyd E Bloom, "Human Reviewers: the Achilles Heel of Scientific Journals in the Digital Age," Science 283, 789 (1999).

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