"Our strategy is succeeding. Four years ago Afghanistan was the home base of Al Qaeda, Pakistan was a transit point for terrorist groups, Saudi was fertile ground for terrorist fund-raising, Libya was secretly pursuing nuclear weapons, Iraq was a gathering threat, and Al Qaeda was largely unchallenged as it planned attack.

Because we acted, the government of a free Afghanistan is fighting terror, Pakistan is capturing terrorist leaders, Saudi Arabia is making raids and arrests, Libya is dismantling its weapons programs, the army of a free Iraq is fighting for freedom and more than three-quarters of Al Qaeda's members and associates have been brought to justice. We have led, many have joined, and America and the world are safer. ...

We are also serving a vital and historic cause that will make our country safer. Free societies in the Middle East will be hopeful societies which no longer feed resentment and breed violence for export. Free governments in the Middle East will fight terrorists instead of harboring them, and that makes America more secure and the world more peaceful.

So our mission in Afghanistan and Iraq is clear. We'll help new leaders train their armies. We want Iraqis and Afghan citizens doing the hard work of defending freedom. We'll help them through their elections. We'll move - we'll get them on the path of stability and democracy as quickly as possible, and then our troops will return home with the honor they have earned."

Right now as we sit here, your tax dollars are being used today, yesterday, all last year, tomorrow, your tax dollars are actually being used to reward the company that takes the jobs overseas.


That’s bad enough, but you know there’s something worse, don’t you? It gets worse than that in terms of choices. Today the tax code actually does something that’s right. It actually gives tax breaks to companies that export American products, not jobs, and if you sell more products overseas, and you create more jobs here at home, then those companies get lower taxes so they can grow and hire more people.


Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? Well, [my opponent] doesn’t think so. He’s wrong again. He wants to end that tax cut, a good incentive that helps the U.S. companies make the jobs here, and he wants — those companies are going to see their taxes raised, and he’s going to take the money from that and give the money to those companies getting a reward for taking the jobs overseas, which will actually encourage more companies to go overseas.