Details on Physics 596 Assignments

Writing Assignments

Deadlines are as listed on the assignment sheet. All deadlines are there.

Common features of all written assignments

For this small class, there is enhanced personal interaction with instructors, see Draft schedule for available days. Make appointments with Wilkins thru Trisch Longbrake (3-2778,> or with Barrett directly.

All written assignments:
  • Double-spaced text with 12 point type.
  • Numbered pages.
  • Sentence outline drives paper
  •   All emailed assignments:

    General process of each assignment

    1. Carefully select a topic. See possible topics inspiration. Schedule appointment with instructor to discuss/refine topic. You can email initial topic idea to instructors prior to discussion.
    2. Sentence outlines will be critiqued by professor/instructor. Note that any sentence outline -- viewed as inadequate -- must be revised and critiqued again before writing draft paper.
    3. Draft is reviewed by peers and professor/instructor. Late drafts will be penalized for lateness and also by excluding author from credit from participating in refereeing process. See article on importance of refereeing in publishing science articles.
    4. Final version should incorporate both the suggestions arising from the reviews and the results of additional study and reflection by the author.
    5. Grade is based on the final paper, with penalties for lateness applied at each step (see grading policy).


    Short paper

    Medium paper

    Long paper

    Speaking Assignments

    Talks will be scheduled individually.

    Grades for talks will be based on peer review, as assessed by a questionnaire filled in by each member of the audience. Only the student questionnaires (and not the instructors) will be used for determining the grades. See grading policy.


    Short (7-minute) talk

    Medium (20-minute) talk


    "On Writing Well," William Zinsser, 25th ed., HarperCollins, 2001
    "Dazzle 'em with Style" by Robert R H Anholt, Freeman, 2005. [Link to 1994 edition]
    Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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