Draft Assignments Spring 2012

All lectures are in portrait style (P) unless a landscape (L) version exists.
Assignments with a time are due by email (@) or in PRB2196 (#); those without a time are due in class.
You should expect to meet with one or both instructors outside of class weekly. The "Meet with instructor" column describes the expected agenda.

Mon Day Class Activity Assignment Due Meet with instructor

Mar 26 Course objectives
Writing & speaking is life P L s
27 Topics L  & Sentence outline tb-emssions.html L P2 L2 short topic 4pm @
29 Take Home Message (THM) Ditto
29 Sentences P L Ditto
30 Making talk effective (for business viewpoint see 10 Page Talks) short sentence outline with THM 8am @ Ditto

Apr  2 TEB-write/speak C [TEB-367] TEB-talks Short summary P L p short sentence outline
 3 Effective Slides: Tom Barrett TSOs revised short sentence outline 8am @ Ditto
 4 Setting the tone P L Ditto
 5 Short paper refereeing; abstract: Abs rev More abs rev even moe abs rev P Ditto
 6 Revision P short draft 8am #; referee forms available in class Ditto

 9 [no class] Draft of talk viewgraphs; appointments with John Wilkins in 2196 PRB at 11:30;  Benjamin short referee reports 4pm # short draft & talk
10 [no class]  Adam at 10:30 am medium topic 10am @ Ditto
11 [no class]  Joshua Ditto
12 [no class] Michael Ditto
13 [no class]  Elizabeth JWW may be a few minutes late coming from meeting. Ditto

16 [no class] Kyle short paper 2pm # short talk, medium topic
17 Short Talk Benjamin "Machine tranlation"
Short Talk Adam
18 Short Talk Joshua "Fracking's promise"
Short Talk Michael "First earth-like planet"
outline 8am @
19 Short Talk Elizabeth "How far is that galaxy?"
Short Talk Kyle
20 [no class] Ditto

23 [no class] medium sentence outline
24 [no class] revised medium sentence outline 8am @ long topic
25 Developing the Policy Paper & long topic 10am @ Ditto
26 [no class] Ditto
27 [no class] Ditto

30 EGs. abstracts, TSO, papers medium draft 10am #; referee forms available 4pm long paper sentence outline
May  1 [no class] Return short talks; figure captions
 2 [no class] medium referee reports 4pm # Ditto
 3 [no class] Joshua appt Referee reports available in PRB2196 by noon Ditto
 4 [no class] Elizabeth appt. cancel long sentence outline 10am @ Ditto

 7 [no class] Adam appt. long paper,
medium talk
 8 [no class] 11:30 Kyle appt. Ditto
 9 [no class]9:30 Elizabeth appt, 11:30 Benjamin appt. medium paper 4pm # Ditto
10 [no class] Michael appt. Ditto
11 [no class] NA Ditto

14 [no class] long paper
15 [no class] revised LSO 10am @
16 [no class]
17 [no class]
18 Report on medium papers; advice for medium talk Figure examples See Recurring topics

21 [no class] Joshua appt
22 [no class] department picnic
23 Medium Talk Adam "Magnetic Rail Gun" long paper draft 10am  referee forms and drafts available 3pm
24 Medium Talk Elizabeth "Believing BBN"
25 Medium Talk Joshua "Domestic High Speed Rail" long referee reports 9am #; reports available 11 am

28 [no class] -- Memorial Day
29 [no class]
30 Medium Talk Kyle "Biomechanics of Strain Injuries"
31 Medium Talk Michael "Optimizing X-ray Cancer Treatment" long paper
June  1 Medium Talk Benjamin "DC Transmission Preferred for New Undrground/Underwater Use"

 4 Start of exams

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