OSU Students Compared with its Benchmark Institutions

Return Frosh
2006 National
Merit Scholars
05-08 Classes
Nat rankTotalInst
% Race &
Arizona79.2259376 25
Illinois93.2307657 24
UCLA97.07725 0 49
Michigan96.03758 0 22
Minnesota87.2317558 15
OSU91.82011594 14
Penn State93.28323 5 13
Texas92.2 3250192 56
Washington92.2544326 31
Wisconsin93.59420 4 16
Data Src[a] [c][d]

[a] [a] USNews 20 August 2009. Averages of four entering class (05-08) who returned the following fall.

[c] CHE 9 February 2007, A28; see table citing its source as National Merit Scholarship Organization.

[d] CHE 24 September 2010, B48; longer list at chronicle.com. Race & ethnicity includes black, hispanic, asian, American Indian, race unknown, two or more races, noneresident foreign. List includes undergraduate, graduate, professional students attending full and part time. Percentage listed is for main campus.

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